Truly Rachel is a jewelry studio and online shop founded by designer, Rachel Tomlinson. 
She offers a blend of elegantly simple and bold and bodacious jewelry motivated by a rich luster of brass and silver and other metal combinations. Each piece from her handmade line is carefully handmade, polished to perfection, and sent out with a message of hope and love. With each purchase, shoppers are given an opportunity to shop with a purpose.  Truly Rachel has been featured in Essence Magazine, sponsored by General Motors: Chevrolet. Warby Parker and highlighted as emerging artist through RAW NYC.



While I was a missionary in Haiti. Over the course of two years, I met the most remarkable souls that forever shaped my life and perspective. While taking care of the orphans and rocking the infants to sleep; I fell in love with a little girl named Angelina. We quickly bonded and had a hard time departing each other. She found a way to create a necklace for me out of string and the Cross of Jesus. She told me to remember her. I've held onto it ever since and keep it neatly wrapped up with my wedding day necklace.


On just about every corner in Haiti is an artisan selling handmade crafted pieces. My line is inspired by handmade creations that are symbolic, beautiful and meaningful. 




A portion of each sale at a pop up event is given to a local charity. My passion to give back to those in need is deeply rooted in me and my husband and serves as the spirit behind the mission of Truly Rachel.